Food Network to Film in Schenectady Restaurant

If you don’t think I’m going to be stalking this restaurant to catch a sight of Robert Irvine, you’re crazy!

Guys, the Food Network is coming to film in my hometown and I’m freaking out a little bit. The last time Robert Irvine was in the Capital Region, I paid for a VIP meet and greet to see him at Proctors completely by myself. Now, he’s going to be filming a few blocks from my house and I don’t even know what to do.

The Times Union reported that “Restaurant Impossible” will be coming to film at LT’s Grill in Schenectady on July 10th and 11th. If you’re unfamiliar with the premise of the show, Robert Irvine comes into a restaurant and revamps the whole thing in two days on just $10,000.

Apparently, it’s not as easy as the Food Network makes it look. Food Network is looking for people to help in the renovation. They’re looking for volunteers with experience, “skilled contractors, electricians, plumbers, upholsters and painters.” Also, if you want to eat at LT’s Grill after the transformation, you will have to pay for your own meal.

If you want to volunteer your time to help build, you can enter here.

If you want to be a diner after the transformation, you can get the information here.

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