Pho Queen, Schenectady Announces Move to New Location

One of Schenectady’s crown jewels is growing and announced they’re moving to a new location.

I’ve lived in Schenectady my whole life. I spend most of my time in Schenectady and I’m ashamed to say that I’ve never been to Pho Queen.

Whenever I tell my fellow Schenectadians, I get the same response – shock and awe. I have nothing against Pho Queen and actually quite enjoy pho, I just haven’t made it over there. Now, I’ll have a new location to visit soon, once this place quickly becomes one of my favorite downtown.

Pho Queen has already closed up shop at their location near the Schenectady court house and will be opening at their new space this Friday, May 24th. It will be moving to 96 Jay Street which used to be the home of Bel Cibo until it closed last November, according to the Times Union.

If you’re familiar with their menu, from what I’ve seen, it’s staying the same. If you’re unfamiliar, Pho Queen specializes in Southeast Asian food like stir-fried noodles, curry, rice dishes, as well as, of course, pho.

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