Manhattan Exchange, Schenectady Announces Closing

EDIT: Manhattan Exchange has reopened under new ownership.

A restaurant that’s been a staple in Downtown Schenectady for about 30 years has announced that it’s closing this week.

The Times Union is reporting that after some time, the owner of Manhattan Exchange is closing the restaurant on Sunday. The current owner has owned the establishment for about 16 years and posted on Facebook that this is the end.

The note also suggests that the building has already been sold. There’s no word on what will be happening with the building or what kind of business will be taking the place of Manhattan Exchange. This restaurant is just another in a long list of businesses closing on that strip on Union Street. Other restaurants include Chez Nous (building currently for sale), Marotta’s Bar-Risto/Rare (recently reopened as 611 Union), Union Inn (reopened), Cafe Nola (reopened as Malcolm’s), and Bier Abbey.

The restaurant will be serving lunch and dinner until the closing on Sunday.

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