Annual Albany Tulip Sale Postponed

Annual Albany Tulip Sale Postponed

Every year after the Tulip Festival, you’re able to go and dig yourself a plant. This year, they’re postponing it.

The Washington Park Conservatory has decided to postpone the tulip sale this year but only by one week, to Saturday, May 25 and Sunday, May 26.

On May 25, the event starts at 9:00am but the line starts forming a lot earlier, according to the Times Union. It lasts until all the bulbs have been dug, which is usually before 11:00am. The tulip dig is restricted to certain beds and directed by people from the park. There are only a few things available to borrow so it’s best to bring your own fork (shovels and spades aren’t allowed), garden gloves, and proper footwear. Bags and planting instructions are provided. Bags are $5 for 30 bulbs and there’s a 5 bag limit.

On May 26, the event starts at 9:00am and ends when the bulbs are gone, also usually before 11:00am. These bulbs have already been dug up and sorted by color. Bags are $5 for 30 bulbs and there’s a 2 bag limit.

“Proceeds from the Tulip Dig & Sale support the Washington Park Conservancy’s efforts to help the city restore, preserve, and maintain Albany’s historic Washington Park.”

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