Malta’s TreePaad Fun Center Closing

You may recognize the name as one of your kid’s favorite hangouts but now, sadly, it’s closing.

With summer coming, you’re probably looking for somewhere to bring your children. If one of your go-to stops was Malta’s TreePaad Fun Center, you’ll have to start looking for a back-up. In a story I first saw on CBS 6, the business never really recovered financially after a severe fire in 2012. As they wrote on their website:

We apologize for the lack of notice but the final decision to close was finally reached this past weekend. We are truly sorry for any hardship this may cause you.
TreePaad has struggled financially since the fire a few years ago which resulted in the need to borrow funds to keep the doors open so that we could pay our financial obligations timely. The recent slowdown in business was the final blow as we have not been able to pay key vendors and lenders to keep the doors open.
We are considering a reorganization plan with a possible investor, but we can’t make any promises at this point. In any event, any plan to financially reorganize will take at least 60-90 days.

While there still may be a chance, it seems, of saving the business, it’s rather unlikely. Keep an eye on their website for any business updates.

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