Captain JP Yacht for Sale [PHOTO]

Ever wanted to own a yacht? Have great memories on the Captain JP? Well, do I have some good news for you!

You may remember how the Captain JP was in an accident on the Hudson River a few months ago. A boat got loose, knocked the Captain JP loose and then they somehow ran into the barge, then they were down the river under a bridge. it was riveting television but I’m sure the owners weren’t too thrilled.

I saw on Reddit, that the Captain JP II is currently on sale in Troy through If you have an extra $2,900,000 laying around and space for a yacht, you could own this 1987 luxury dinner boat. You already know you can have great parties on it, it holds a lot of people, plus, you could rent it out and who knows, the boat could be paid for before you know it. You putting in an offer?

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