Travel Channel TV Show Looking for Local Lost Fortune


Travel Channel TV Show Looking for Local Lost Fortune


How is it that I’ve lived in Upstate New York and not only have I not heard of this fortune but haven’t heard of anyone trying to find it before.

Earlier this year, the owners of Lodge at Harrisburg Lake heard from the producer of Travel Channel’s “Code of the Wild” about filming, according to the Post Star.

A researcher had found out that a New York City gangster from the 1930s may have hidden his fortune on or near their property. Can you imagine hearing that news?

The production crew finished filming last week with the stars of the show, brothers Casey and Chris Keefer, aka the Keefer Brothers. They explored thousands of acres trying to mind the $7 million apparently buried by Dutch Schultz. Schultz was born in the Bronx and as he got older, turned to bootlegging and eventually illegal gambling. Eventually, the IRS was after him so to evade taxes, the story goes that he buried his fortune in Upstate New York.

According to a researcher, the lodge is on a space that was once Stony Creek Dude Ranch where Schultz used to frequent. He was also known for hiding from the FBI and IRS in Saratoga County before he was eventually gunned down in New York City.

They aren’t revealing if they found anything since the episode doesn’t air until July, but this wasn’t the first time they heard the rumor that the Lodge was the home of buried treasure.

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