Psychedelicatessen is Closing


Psychedelicatessen is Closing

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One of my favorite bagels I’ve ever had, one of my favorite places to go in Troy, I’m sad to hear that it’s closing.

If you’ve been to Troy, then I’m sure you’re familiar with the bagel store covered in tie-dye and Grateful Dead bears. Inside, they served some of the most delicious bagels I’ve ever had. I was so sad to read on Facebook earlier this week, though, that they’re closing on June 14th.

I first experienced Psychedelicatessen in 2015 when I first reviewed it here. Then, I was reintroduced to them after my trek on the Taste of Troy Food Tour and remembered what a great product they served.

In a heartfelt Facebook post, the owner of Psychedelicatessen explained that financially they just couldn’t make it work. She assured everyone that she did what she could but closing was the only option.

Troy isn’t just losing delicious bagels, but a great hippie lounge where my Woodstock-attending Mother felt at home, a local business that did their best to support other local businesses, and a place where I could find a great book or find myself starting a conversation with a stranger.

Thank you Psychedelicatessen, we’ll miss you!

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