Local Schenectady Farm Goes Solar

You may have heard me talk about the new maple farm in the area, Riverside Maple Farm, and now, they have yet another reason for me to sing their praises.

One of my new favorite businesses in the area happens to be in my hometown, Riverside Maple Farm. I just heard through an article by Spectrum News that now, they’re going solar.

I’ve followed Riverside Maple Farms through their official opening, through the opening of the Schenectady Maple-Beer Trail to Wolf Hollow, so I’m happy to also follow them through their newest change. They have become the first Upstate New York State maple farm to go solar and they literally flipped the switch just in time to celebrate Earth Day on Monday.

Glenville Town Supervisor Chris Keotzle said it’s a first, but not a last, for the Town of Glenville. They’re looking into building two new solar farms to help power the town so it’s great that Riverside Maple Farm is taking the first step!

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