Esperanto Gets Rid of “Doughboy” [PHOTO]

I thought this was news everyone knew but since I had so many comments on my picture when I posted it. I figured I’d give a heads up to anyone who hadn’t heard.

I know, you read the headline and freaked out a little bit. Don’t fear, Esperanto isn’t getting rid of the Doughboy, they just got rid of the word “Doughboy.” Now, you’ll call them Oboys!

Apparently, rumor has it that Esperanto is looking to ship their famous Oboy nationally. The only problem is that there is already a product called “Doughboys.” Some quick thinking and a name change later and the Oboy was born.

I went into Esperanto’s recently and you can still find DoughGirls and Dough Cousins but signage has been changed to reflect the new name. Also, a new Instagram has been created for the Oboy as well.

I recently posted a picture on my Facebook page talking about my love for the O-Boy and seemed to confuse quite a few people, wanted to clear up the news. Also, I didn’t realize just how many Stewart’s Shops in the area carry the delicious treat so take a look, you may be closer to O-Boys than you think!

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