It’s been almost a month since the horrific fire at the Common Roots Brewing Company in South Glens Falls. As they’re focusing on rebuilding the original location, they’ve opened up a temporary taproom.

The owners of Common Roots Brewing Company will be opening a temporary taproom two blocks from their original headquarters, according to the Daily Gazette. The temporary taproom is located at 30 Saratoga Ave, South Glens Falls.

The community has fully embraced Common Roots Brewing Company and done everything they can to help. Miller Mechanical is leasing the space of the temporary taproom to Common Roots and putting some of the original employees back to work. They also had the GoFundMe that was trending, and continuing to far exceed goals.

Last, you can support Common Roots by attending their upcoming event on May 4th, Rising from the Ashes. The event will be held at SingleCut Brewery in Clifton Park. Singlecut will bring in 31 other brewers as well as food trucks where the net proceeds will be going to Common Roots. Tickets are $42 and on sale now.

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