Last of the Video Rental Stores is in Chatham [VIDEO]


Last of the Video Rental Stores is in Chatham [VIDEO]


You thought the times of Blockbuster and Hollywood Video were over but there’s still one place in Chatham that’s holding on to history.

Video Visions is a video rental store on Hudson Ave in Chatham. Yes, you read that correctly, a video rental store around in 2019. According to the footage posted by Inside Edition, Steven Campbell opened Video Visions in 1984 with Jim Donovan. They started with 200 titles and now, they have 26,000 titles. They don’t just have VHS tapes, they do sell DVDs and even have VCRs if you need something to play the VHS on.

I’m so happy to see that there are people who still appreciate physical media, even if it’s just for nostalgic purposes. I originally saw this posted to Reddit and loved watching people excited to roam the aisles for VHS tapes. They even have popcorn for sale! Luckily, if you want to relive some of your younger years, you don’t have to go that far!

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