Dino Roar Valley, Lake George Announces Opening Date


Dino Roar Valley, Lake George Announces Opening Date


Magic Forest Amusement Park was a staple in Lake George for years. We heard it was changing hands and now, we have a date as to when we can expect the opening.

According to WNYT, as of December, a lot of the park is to remain the same Magic Forest but they sold pieces off the make room for the added Dino Roar Valley.

Dino Roar Valley sent out an email late last week announcing that they’ll be opening on Memorial Day weekend. Magic Forest will now be called Lake George Expedition Park and Dino Roar Valley. They’re planning on being open 7 days a week from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend, and weekends in September and October.

Tickets are on sale now in different levels:

  • Tickets to just Dino Roar Valley will be $21.99 + tax
  • Tickets to Magic Forest will be $17.99 + tax
  • The 2-park combo will be $35.00 + tax
  • Fossil fixers build-and-play workshop will be $38.00 + tax
  • Diggin’ Up Dinos Workshop will be $38.00 + tax
  • They’re also offering silver and gold season passes for $69.99+tax and $85.00+tax, respectively.

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