HQ Trivia Host Coming to Albany FunnyBone [VIDEO]

Do you still play the live mobile trivia game that exploded once it came out? Well, if you want to play HQ live, it’s coming to Albany.

HQ started in 2017 and at one point would get millions of people playing live each night to win real cash. Though still popular, the amount of people have dwindled a little but they’re still giving away real cash and bringing on huge celebrity guests.

Albany FunnyBone announced that the host of HQ, Scott Rogowsky will be coming on Wednesday, April 17th. Tickets are available now and only $20. If you play HQ every night trying to win a piece of the prize, way not grab tickets and play it live! No word on how much, if any, money they’ll be giving away, or if it’s just a night to play against friends and strangers for a trivia title but it’s only $20. Get tickets before they sell out.

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