Woodstock Fan Selling Piece of Original 1969 Stage [VIDEO]


Woodstock Fan Selling Piece of Original 1969 Stage [VIDEO]


Want a piece of history? Were you there and didn’t get any memorabilia? A Woodstock fan hasa piece of history and now, he’s selling it.

In 1969, no one knew Woodstock would come as historical as it has. Musicians to this day still reference the three-day festival. Other festivals will always be compared to Woodstock as the goal. With this year being the 50th anniversary of the iconic event, you can own a piece of history.

New York Upstate is reporting about Steve Gold. Gold was 15 years old when he helped his girlfriend’s father move pieces of the stage in Bethel, NY. Two years ago, he remembered the father telling him about the wood and where he got it from (video below explains story). That’s when he found history, as NYUp says, “He recognized distinctive paint patterns seen in photos and video from Woodstock, as well as the stage manufacturer’s logo, Weyerhaeuser.”

Gold is now selling pieces of the iconic stage with “Peace of Woodstock.” He’s selling the pieces as necklaces ($99), to framed pieces ($299), to framed cubes ($499). If those pieces are too much, you can buy some sawdust for only $19.95.

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