Harry Potter Themed Airbnb in Massachusetts


Harry Potter Themed Airbnb in Massachusetts

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Looking for a little getaway? Harry Potter fan? Head out to Massachusetts for this themed Airbnb.

If you can’t make it to Orlando, Florida to Universal Studios or London, England to the WB Studios but still want a Potter-themed getaway, rent out this Airbnb in Salem, Massachusetts. Less than three hours from Albany, Only in Your State reported on a perfect Airbnb for fellow Potterheads.

The house is enough for two people who wish to share a bed with a private bath. The house is designed by a woman who used to be in the toy and game industry. You’ll recognize pieces from the movies and books and really feel like you’ve woken up in JK Rowling’s world.

There’s more to do than just surround yourself with Harry Potter. Salem, of course, is very famous it its own right. “Hocus Pocus” fans can find places they recognize from the movie. Plus, as they added, “Cannabis is legal in Massachusetts. You may partake here. 420 friendly.” Breakfast will also be provided. Even better, the price is pretty reasonable – around $200 per night depending on dates. If you want to stay, book while you can through Airbnb HERE.

They also have a second “Harry Potter Fan School Dorm Room,” if you’re interested.

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