Pinhead Susan’s Sold, What to Expect from New Owner


Pinhead Susan’s Sold, What to Expect from New Owner


We found out a few weeks ago that one of the Downtown Schenectady staples, Pinhead Susan’s, was sold. Now, the new owner is speaking out about what changes we can expect.

/edit Pinhead Susans has changed hands multiple times as of Oct. 2023, will be named Vice & Virtue.

A few weeks ago, I posted about how Pinhead Susan’s had a new owner. We could only guess about what we would be expecting and now, the new owner has been talking to the Daily Gazette.

Schenectady-native Hamayun Faizy purchased Pinhead Susan’s because of the memories he had there. He said “Pinhead’s was my very first sit-down restaurant.” What drew him to Pinhead Susan’s was that it was technically a pioneer. Schenectady’s downtown has grown substantially and Pinhead’s was one of the first in that area, aware of the potential.

The restaurant, who took it’s name from some graffiti that said ‘Susan is a Pinhead,’ will continue to be called “Pinhead Susan’s.” Faizy, who goes by the name “Joey,” said that he may drop the “Susan” in the future. He understands that it holds a special place in people’s hearts and doesn’t want to change what we love about it. Pinhead’s will still continue to be an Irish pub but the biggest changes will be to the upstairs.

He’s thinking at the moment of adding a terrace with fireplaces, and event space that may include a cigar lounge, and that the menu will most likely change a bit, but those changes won’t happen any time soon while he learns to juggle multiple businesses. Faizy also owns Plaza 7 Wine & Liquor in Latham.

It looks like, for now, that the Pinhead’s we know will continue to be basically the same. I’m curious to see what changes Faizy will make in such a long-standing establishment.

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