Legendary Cappiello Foods Closed, Schenectady

I’m a born-and-raised Schenectadian and I have a soft spot in my heart for our legendary Italian restaurants and foods. That’s why my heart breaks a little hearing what we’re losing.

Cappiello’s was one of the originals. One of the places my Mom brought me because it was a place she went when she was younger. Now, they’re announcing they’re closing.

The Daily Gazette has announced that Cappiello Foods has been closed since February and doesn’t seem to be opening in the forseeable future. The matriarch of Cappiello’s, Mary Cappiello, has passed away at 91 years old. Mary has been a part of the restaurant for 75 years.

Apparently, Mary’s death has left some legal complications that leave the future of Cappiello Foods unknown. They have announced that they will keep everyone updated on their Facebook page. My Schenectady heart hopes that this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Cappiello’s.

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