Ex-Aperitivo Location Announces New Restaurant in Schenectady

Aperitivo Bistro in Schenectady surprised us by closing about a month ago and we had a short wait but finally know what will be taking its place.

Aperitivo Bistro has been on State Street in Schenectady for about 10 years. The previously owned by Mazzone Hospitality, Matt Mazzone bought in privately. Due to building issues, they had to leave the building and we had news that there was already a business moving in.

The Times Union is reporting that not one, but two local restauranteurs and chefs are partnering together to create a new restaurant for Downtown Schenectady.

Danny Petrosino, chef-owner of Osteria Danny in Saratoga and Armondo Cioccke, chef-owner of Armondo’s Villa Tuscan Grill in Rotterdam have decided to collaborate to bring Schenectady their new restaurant, Grano, a contemporary Italian restaurant.

Schenectady is already known for its delicious Italian eateries but they promise that this is going to bring something different than what we’re used to. Grano (meaning “Wheat” in Italian) will be focusing on freshly made pasta. As Steve Barnes writes, “The restaurant will also have strengths in grilled seafood, meat and vegetables, rather than rely on heavily sauced saute dishes.” An end-of-May opening is expected.

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