Water Slide World Closed for Good [VIDEO]

Water Slide World didn’t open last season and now, with the weather getting nicer, we have learned about the future.

Owner Dawn Koncikowski commented to the Post Star that she does not plan to reopen the park. She is hoping to sell off some of the equipment and eventually sell off the land. There’s no word yet about when it will officially be put up for sale or for how much but the park will no longer be open.

In case you don’t remember, the park didn’t open last season after the sudden death of Dawn’s husband last May. At that point, it seemed as if there was every intention to reopen the park for the 2019 season but they apparently decided to go another route.

The park has been open since 1979 on the location of an old drive-in theatre. When the park was built, it was the first in New York with a wave pool.

From the many memories of many summers spent there and for giving the Capital Region one of the greatest commercials of all time, thank you.

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