Schenectady Woman Creates Memorial Bears from Personal Items

Losing a person you’re close to is never easy but one woman in Schenectady has found a way to hopefully make it easier.

Mary started the company “Ray of Hope” in 2013 after losing her husband to pancreatic cancer. Once you lose someone, you look for anyway to feel a connection with them, that’s when Mary received a bear made from one of his shirts. As she posted on her website, “This bear has brought me comfort during some dark days and I wanted to be able to provide this comfort to other people missing a loved one.”

Mary can make bears, quilts, or even pillows. The bears cost from $40-50, the quilts starting at $75, and pillows starting at $25. All of the proceeds she makes from these items goes to cancer research. If you have an idea of something else, send her an email and she’ll try to make it work. For example, she recently started making wedding bears to match your outfits on your big day and they’re really cute. Another example, a father had Mary turn his daughter’s old blankies into bears so they could always have them with them.

Sometimes when you miss your person the most, you just need a bear hug to feel that they’re there.

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