Wanna Throw Some Axes in Albany? [VIDEO]

I don’t know why I want to throw axes but you can count on me being one of the first people in line when this place opens!

I happened to see on Facebook the other day that we’re getting a new place to spend our time and I want more details!

Generation Axe is sponsoring ads all over Facebook announcing that they’re opening two places in the Capital Region. They’ll be open for bachelor or bachelorette parties and imagine bringing the office here for some corporate team building!

I don’t know much about axe throwing except seeing a bunch of my friends from out of town posting pictures at places near them. If you’re worried about getting hurt, they say in their video that there will be coaches there to help you with form and technique. Also, where you throw the axe is surrounded in chain, which is good or else it’s not my safety I would be worried about.

I’ve heard that there are smaller, private places that already offer this and I did see it at the recent Renaissance Fair in Altamont but this is the first of these locations coming to the area. When I find out more information, I’ll let you know but I can’t wait for this opportunity.

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