Oligan Distilling: New Vodka in Latham [PHOTOS]


Oligan Distilling: New Vodka in Latham [PHOTOS]

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Oligan Distilling has been making their vodka here since May and if you haven’t had a chance to check them out yet – what are you waiting for?

/edit Oligan Distilling is no longer open.

Around two months ago, Oligan Distilling opened the doors of their new tasting room on Albany Shaker Road in Latham. Owner Sean O’Keeffe took what he learned at Kings County Distillery in Brooklyn and brought it back home to make some delicious vodka. For now, they only have their own vodka but are currently working on their own gin which they hope to be available at some point soon this year.

I had the chance to meet with Sean and get a tour of their new facility and tasting room (Open Wednesday-Saturday from 3:00-7:00pm). It was fascinating to see what makes the flavor of this vodka different from other vodkas you’ve had in the past.

For one, Oligan Distilling makes their vodka from corn. If you’re not well-versed in vodka (I wasn’t), that makes the flavor a little sweeter than wheat-based or potato-based vodkas you may be used to. This is definitely a vodka that you could drink neat or on the rocks, no need for mixers. It’s delicious! They do make mixed drinks at the tasting room, though, if that’s more your speed. The best part? Their 750-milliliter bottle only costs about $20!

What I think interested me the most was more than their delicious vodka but what else they’re doing in that building. They’re testing alcohol fermented from fruit juice. They received 800 gallons of New York grape juice and they plan on making a “neutral grape spirit.” It’s an interesting process and experiment you have to ask about when you go in for a tour.

NOTE: They’re also a part of the Capital Craft Beverage Trail so don’t forget to grab your stamp!

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