Report Potholes to Albany, Schenectady With App

It’s a touchy subject for me after hitting a pothole in Rotterdam and ending up with a flat tire but now, there’s an app we can use to report them so it doesn’t happen to anyone else!

When you see a pothole, you can reach out to the city but they are focusing on so many things, sometimes your notice gets lost. Now, Albany and Schenectady are sending you to this new app to report potholes, according to CBS6.

The City of Albany says that they filled 440 potholes last week and a lot of those requests have come from the app SeeClickFix and it’s not just for potholes either. You can also report noise complaints, illegal trash, and more. So far, it seems like it’s only in use locally in Albany and Schenectady but if we start using it, other areas will probably jump on board.

The commissioner says that the reason there are so many more potholes is because they’ve had to use cold asphalt to fill the holes. Now that the weather is getting warmer, they’ll be able to use the hot asphalt after April 1 which will make the fixes more permanent.

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