Shaker High School Community Honors Student Who Passed Away

19-year-old Farhan Afzal passed away last week after a long battle with a brain tumor. His Shaker community had a beautiful tribute to honor his memory.

Farhan Afzal had been fighting a brain tumor since 2010 until he recently passed away, according to WNYT. Everyone just remembers him has a loving, happy person. His name in Arabic means “joyous,” and ironically his bloog type was B-positive, which many said was how he lived his life.

Farhan read the book “Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes” when he was first diagnosed so his classmates took from that to create a beautiful tribute.

In the story, a young Japanese girl was diagnosed with leukemia and wanted to fold 1000 paper cranes because, in their culture, if you did, your wish would come true. Her wish was to live, but she only folded 644 cranes. That’s when her family and friends completed the task and buried them with her.

Farhan has loved this story since his first surgery when he was in Elementary school. That’s when his sixth grade teacher and his class folded 999 cranes and let Farhan fold the last. That’s when it became a mission for him, that he shared with everyone he met.

Since Farhan’s passing, an art teacher inspired by Farhan’s mission, started an exhibit at the school with 900 crates, they plan to finish it with the full 1000 soon. WNYT said, “It is often said that a crane will carry your soul up to happiness. Farhan’s family is finding comfort knowing their son believed that.”

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