Rusty Anchor Scrapped After Accident

In January, both the Captain JP and the Rusty Anchor took an unexpected trip down the Hudson and apparently only one survived to tell about it.

We all remember that morning we found out that the Captain JP and the Rusty Anchor were loose on the Hudson River. Last we heard, both vessels were okay with minor damage. The same holds true for the Captain JP but according to the Times Union, the Rusty Anchor is being scrapped.

Apparently, the damage was way more than they thought at first and not only did the roof have significant damage, but it bottomed out a few times as well. The expenses ended up more than they expected. The owners ended up scraping the vessel but won’t say where they sent it, just that it’s south on the Hudson River. No word if the owners intend on using the money made on insurance or scrap to build a new vessel yet but, for now, the Rusty Anchor is no more.

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