Local Musicians Appear on ‘Today’ Show [VIDEO]


Local Musicians Appear on ‘Today’ Show [VIDEO]


Do you watch the ‘Today’ show? If you were watching this week, then you may have recognized some familiar faces performing.

Jocelyn and Chris Arndt are a sister/brother duo who are from Upstate New York, and I saw on the Daily Gazette that they were featured on the ‘Today’ show this week.

Thursday morning, Jocelyn and Chris were featured on the segment as part of their Citi Concert Series on Today. The duo performed the song “Outta My Head” from their recent album, “The Fun in the Fight,” released late last month.

Jocelyn and Chris are originally from Fort Plain, NY and have masterfully balanced their music career with school, both graduating from Harvard University a year apart. Jocelyn has been approached on a couple of occasions to join ‘The Voice’ but turned them down to focus on songwriting and growing her brand on her own.

They still perform around the Capital Region so keep an eye out on their website and new music posted on their YouTube page.

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