Texas Roadhouse Raising Prices

We have a Texas Roadhouse here in Colonie and if you go there often, I hate to tell you that they’ve announced a change in prices.

In a nation-wide announcement, Texas Roadhouse has announced that the chain will have to change its menu prices.

CBS 6 is sharing the story that announces the price change of roughly 1.5 percent, even after the already 1.7 percent increase in the fall. Changes should be expected in April.

Though the restaurant seems to be doing rather well, the business is citing “unprecedented labor pressure” as the reasoning for the inflation. So, the businesses seems to be doing well but to keep up the quality of workers in their establishments, they must raise the prices of the menu.

No word yet if only certain parts of the menu will be changing or if there will be an overall raise in prices. We’ll have to see the specifics as the changes are implemented in April.

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