Vintage, Albany Closed

Vintage in Albany is currently closed. You don’t have to wait long for it to reopen, but it’ll come with some changes.

The Times Union announced that Vintage in Albany is currently closed due to a transition.

Vintage was a former garage and warehouse, Don’s Rigging & Moving and before that was a truck-repair garage. Mike Graney, owner of Graney’s Stout located across the street, revamped the space and opened Vintage in 2018. Graney’s also owns Graney’s sports bar in Albany and found that managing a third business was more than he was looking for at this time.

Starting February 28th, Vintage will reopen under new management with a new menu. Dave Camacho, who currently owns Risotto in Albany, will take over management through March and most likely take on ownership in early April.

According to the Times Union, “the new menu will focus on more traditional American fare than the eclectic, progressive food and wine-bar ambiance with which it started.”

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