Crossgates Mall to Announce New Venue

They just opened a trampoline park and word has it that there’s another official announcement coming soon.

I haven’t heard anything officially from Crossgates Mall but what I first saw on Reddit seems to actually be happening. Skyloft will be opening at Crossgates Mall this spring.

The Skyloft NY website doesn’t have much information on it. So far, we know that the band Sleep and their tour with Big Business will be coming to the venue on June 7th. According to DSP Shows, who may be their booking company, nothing else is announced.

With the opening expected sometime this spring, I’m sure there will be more information over the next few weeks. No news yet if it’s part concert venue, part something else like the already established Lucky Strike. Also, no news on where exactly this new space will be going.

Chances are, unless I’m forgetting something that’s there now, the old Rascal’s space seems like a great idea. The space was already equipped for shows and it’s a little out of the way with a somewhat private entrance. I’ll let you know when they send information over to me but I’m excited to see how else Crossgates Mall will be growing!

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