Berben & Wolff’s Announces Second Capital Region Location

Vegans and Vegetarians of the Capital Region rejoice, you have another place to find some of your favorite meat-free deliciousness.

If you’re a vegetarian or vegan in the Capital Region, then I’m sure you’ve already heard about Berben & Wolff’s (still on my bucket list). They’ve been on Lark Street in Albany for about three years but the Times Union is reporting that they’re announcing another location.

Berben & Wolff’s will be opening their second location in Troy at the corner of Fourth and Ferry streets. They’ve owned the space for a little while, using it primarily as a kitchen. That’s where they produced their various seitan products and now, they’ll be doubling the space as a second deli location.

They are planning on opening up the space in late spring. Their hope is buy another building to move the production to that they can turn the Troy space into a full-service bar and restaurant. No word yet on when that would happen, they’re still working on finding the right space for that.

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