World’s Biggest Bounce House Coming to Ballston Spa

Think back to your childhood. Remember how much fun it was to bounce off of the walls of a bounce house? Thought those days were over? Think again.

The Big Bounce America has announced their tour dates for 2019 and one of them is stopping right here in the Capital Region and Ellms Family Farm is hosting them June 28-30.

If you’ve never heard of Big Bounce America, think of one day to feel like a kid again. They have a few different sessions to make sure that everyone stays safe. First, all sessions can either just take advanatge of the bounce house or all three areas available.

The Toddler Session is for those 3 & younger as well as their mandatory guardian for $16. The Junior Session is for those 7 & younger as well as their participating guardian for $24. The Bigger Kid Session is for ages 7-15 as well as their participating guardian for $24. The last session is for 16 and older and it is $28.

If you get a ticket for all three areas, you get to take advantage of The World’s Biggest Bounce House but The Giant and airSpace as well. The Giant is America‚Äôs Biggest Inflatable Obstacle Course. You can compete with your friends through 40 separate obstacles on a course three times as long as the average soccer field. Then, you can check out airSpace with aliens, planets, ball pits, and more!

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