Taste App Hopes to Make Dining Choices Easier [PHOTOS]

Have you sat around with your significant other or friends and can’t decide where you all want to go eat? Download Taste and let it help you!

My boyfriend will probably tell you that I’m the worst. “Where do you want to eat?” almost is always followed by “I don’t know.” Now, I’m excited that we could turn to Taste for help.

The app that launched in January, was the brainchild of Capital Region natives in hopes to personalize the dining decisions more than any app has done in the past. It not only uses places you’ve been to better personalize your choices (think, like Pandora), but it also pulls from opinions from you friends, your network of “Taste Buds.”

I downloaded the app the other day and already wants me to download Premium for $1.99/month but so far I haven’t seen the need for it. You can log-in with either Facebook, LinkedIn, or an email. It uses my location and lets me decide how far from where I am that I want to look.

It breaks the Schenectady restaurants down by type of food and I can see how it’s rated by cost and number of stars it’s received. Through the app, I have access to directions, a phone number, as well as a website with the hours. Through Premium, you can book a reservation through the app as well as connect your bank so it can keep track of restaurants you’ve been to.

Overall, there’s potential. It’s such a new app that the information on there isn’t quite developed. Also, I not only don’t have any “Taste Buds” to look at but haven’t recorded anything yet. As is, though, it’s just listing restaurants in the area but I don’t see how it’s helping me decide or making it easier than before. I guess I’ll just have to keep an eye on it and watch as it grows.

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