Schenectady Restaurant Week Reveals Menus and Dates

Who doesn’t love the opportunity to try new restaurants for a cheaper price? Restaurant weeks are my favorite and Schenectady announced that theirs is coming up!

Downtown Schenectady announced that Schenectady Restaurant Week is coming up March 4-10 and it’s never too early to get your reservations in. Most of these restaurants are giving you three-four courses for just $25, how’s that for a date night. Thanks to Downtown Schenectady Improvement Corp for putting the list together and continue to follow their website for updates!

2 thoughts on “Schenectady Restaurant Week Reveals Menus and Dates”

  • This is the first year I’ve seen restaurants offering something worth going out for. Well done.

    • I agree, I found myself torn between a few places. I was thinking of just going out one night but there are too many I want to experience!

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