Schenectady Maple-Beer Trail Officially Open [PHOTOS]

Remember how I announced the Maple-Beer Trail between Wolf Hollow Brewing and Riverside Maple? Well, the grand opening was on Sunday and I took a walk.

A week or so ago, I went to “See How It Works Sunday” to see behind the scenes at both Wolf Hollow Brewing Company and Riverside Maple Farms. It was also an unofficial soft opening for the beer trail but in terms of footwear, I was not prepared. Well, the grand opening was Sunday and I grabbed my boots and was ready to check it out.

First, I was so excited to see how many people wanted to check out the trail. Both businesses were very lively and it was awesome to see the local support. First, my boyfriend and I went to Wolf Hollow Brewing to grab a beer and a burger from the Burger 21 truck that was there. Then, off to Riverside Maple via the trail!

The trail was pet-friendly but note, the businesses themselves are not. There is seating outside at both, though, for nicer weather. From Wolf Hollow, we just followed the green maple leaf signs. The trail, it should be noted, is not groomed so be sure to wear the proper footwear depending on the season. This time of year, we saw people with snowshoes and cross country skiis which seemed like a great idea. The trail itself was only about a quarter of a mile long which felt like nothing. I can’t wait to see the views and stroll passed the pond as the weather gets nicer!

We stopped inside Riverside Maple, bought myself some syrup (news on that coming soon), and then we were on our way back to Wolf Hollow. Though, The Mac Factor was there with their amazing mac & cheese, my stomach was already full from Burger 21. To head back, we followed the brown paw prints. I can’t wait to see what other plans they have for the trail as the weather gets nicer.

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