Butterflies & Brews Coming Back to Schenectady miSci

An event I haven’t missed for the past few years is back and if you haven’t experienced it, grab your tickets now!

Every year, for the past few years, the Schenectady museum miSci has butterflies. As of February 16th, butterflies are back with Butterflies and Blooms. Butterflies and Blooms features an indoor butterfly house that’s free with museum admission. It’s a great exhibit if you haven’t seen it, or, especially haven’t brought your kids to see it.

You walk into the space where butterflies are flying around freely. You also get to see butterflies at each stage of life from egg, to caterpillar, to Chrysalis, to adult butterfly. You’re in the space with butterflies as they are eating, flying, relaxing, and potentially landing on you! As long as you follow the rules, you can spend quite a bit of time enjoying nature first-hand.

Along with this event, the museum also hosts “Butterflies and Brews” for the 21+ crowd. miSci After Dark will be on March 8th this year. You not only get access to the beautiful indoor butterfly house but also access to the full museum as well as a planetarium show. Last year, some local breweries were on hand to preview their beers but I know this year, there will, at least, be a cash bar and a food truck out front. Tickets are available now!

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