Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day Date Spoiled on Facebook

Every year, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream hosts a free cone day. They don’t reveal it until a few weeks beforehand, but a Ben & Jerry’s in New Hampshire let it slip.

Aside from the fact that we don’t have a ton of Ben & Jerry’s to choose from in the area, it’s always nice to get free things. Every year, all you have to do is wait in line and you get some free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

The date usually isn’t announced until a few weeks before the actual date but it looks like a Ben & Jerry’s in New Hampshire couldn’t wait to make a Facebook event for it.

Now, take note that the official Ben & Jerry’s website hasn’t announced this date yet but the Facebook event was created by an actual Ben & Jerry’s location. Add it to your calendars because this year’s free cone day is Tuesday, April 9 from 12pm-8pm.

According to the Ben & Jerry’s website, we have three locations in our area: RPI inside of the RPI Student Union, Albany on Madison Ave, and Saratoga on Phila Street. Call to each location to make sure they’re participating.

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