Short and Stout Tea Now at Crossgates Mall [PHOTOS]

Do you have people on social media and they may be local but you’ve never met them but you’re kind of obsessed? I was that way with Short and Stout Tea until this weekend.

I’m a tea drinker through and through. I appreciate coffee, but I love the different flavors and healing properties of the tea leaf. I first started seeing Short and Stout on social media a few years ago and it’s always been on my Capital Region bucket list but for whatever reason, I didn’t make it there.

I was walking through Crossgates Mall on Saturday when, there it was! Granted, they’ve been there for about a year but somehow I’ve missed them. Short and Stout Tea is still over on Western Ave but I was so excited that I could finally try out what they had inside of Crossgates!

Even as a tea drinker, I’m not gonna lie, I was still overwhelmed. There are so many options, so many ways to drink tea, so many things you can buy to make sure your tea comes out perfect. I headed right to the back, I couldn’t wait, I wanted to try what they had right there.

I visited Japan back in July with a friend of mine and we quickly fell in love with matcha. I don’t know much about it, but I know I like it. Short and Stout have 5 different kinds of Japanese matcha and they were so kind to try and explain them to me. I ended up getting an iced Kyoto Matcha Latte and it was probably one of the best iced teas I’ve ever had. I can’t wait to go back!

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