Himalayan Salt Yoga in Latham


Himalayan Salt Yoga in Latham


I love yoga and I’m always looking for new ways to practice. First, it was goats so I figured why not try it in a himalyan salt den next?

The Salt Den in Latham is right off of the Northway on 155. Looking at the outside of the building, you wouldn’t imagine the world of relaxation that you find within those four walls.

If you’re unfamiliar with the healing effects of Himalayan salt, you’re not alone. Many of us have seen those lamps for sale, figured they looked nice and are doing something so we bought them, right? You didn’t even know all of the things that salt lamp is helping, it has many anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties.

The room I went into for the Salt Yoga was for Halotherapy. The way it works, aside from being surrounded by salt in the cave, pharmaceutical grade salt is ground up and dispersed into the air. It’s all to detox and cleanse your body, skin, and resperatory system. You don’t need to do yoga, you can just sit in the cave for $40 per session and take in the benefits.

They offer massages, infrared sauna, and red light therapy but when I went there, it was for Salty Yoga. The Salt Den holds yoga classes every Monday at 6:00PM. This is a perfect experience if you’ve never done yoga before. It’s more for relaxation purposes rather than getting a sweaty workout in. I loved the ambient music and the atmosphere in the room. Something about being surrounded by the salt was calming and I really enjoyed it. You can call 518-785-7258 to reserve your spot and let them know where you heard about it!

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