Crossgates Mall Tour of America [PHOTOS]

Are you a fan of Legos? Crossgates Mall is featuring The Lego Americana Roadshow and this is something you need to see in person!

I’ve been to Washington DC before to see some of America’s most famous buildings but something about seeing them in Lego is also quite amazing. From February 9th-24th, Crossgates Mall will be hosting “The Lego Americana Roadshow: Building Across America” which is free and open to the public. Throughout the mall, you’ll be able to see some familiar buildings and could never guess they are made of Lego.

There are maps throughout the mall along with facts about each building. If you see all of them, you’ll see the Jefferson Memorial, Independence Hall, Old North Church, Statue of Liberty, Supreme Court, U.S. Capitol, White House, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, and the Liberty Bell. There’s even a Build & Play area near Lord & Taylor because seeing that many Legos is 100% gonna make you wanna build something.

I’m so happy Crossgates Mall brought this to the area because they honestly are awe-inspiring. I can’t even imagine the patience these artists had to create these pieces of art.

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