New Bar Announced for Albany Merry Monk Space

The Merry Monk officially closed in August and luckily for Downtown Albany, it didn’t take long for a new bar to be moving into the space.

I heard it first from the Times Union, but soon the space that was home to The Merry Monk for so long will soon be known was The Bishop.

Dean Bilpuh Jr., Raymond Hatlee,¬†Scott Pugsley and Evan Shults will be partnering together to run the new venture. They’re planning for March but assume the opening will be closer to or even in April. If the names sound familiar, it’s because you may know Hatlee as a manager at Graney’s Stout, Pugsley currently works there, Bilpuh used to work there, and Shults manages Cafe Hollywood.

The Bishop name is in reference to a chess piece. The vibe will be more like a den or a library than what you would expected from The Merry Monk. I also like the sounds of it being referred to as a “bourbon and beef bar,” that has my attention!

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