Free Coats Available in Saratoga Springs

The weather is so up and down but when it’s been cold, it’s been frigid. Are you in need of a winter coat to keep you warm?

I loved reading this story from NewsChannel 13. A business in Saratoga Springs is offering free coats for the homeless, or just people in need.

As WNYT says, “Karen Gregory, the new leader of Shelters of Saratoga, saw on social media that another community elsewhere in the country was offering a free coat program.” Gregory wanted to do something similar in Saratoga since they’re still in need of a Code Blue Shelter.

Gregory partnered up with Fingerpaint to use the space in front of their door on Broadway. The program started on Tuesday. Ideally, they’d like to have it stocked with coats every day, 24 hours a day. If you have coats that you can donate, feel free to just hang them on the rack. If there’s no room, you can donate at Shelters of Saratoga on Walworth Street.

The effort is unofficially in honor of Nancy Pitts, a woman Gregory helped who was homeless and eventually passed away on the cold streets some time back. Hopefully, this effort helps a huge number of people who need it but even if it only helps one, it’s worth it.

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