Norah Jones Announces SPAC Concert

If the sound of Norah Jones’ voice doesn’t just bring you to a place, I don’t even know. Then, you need to see her live.

I happened to see on New York Upstate that the Grammy Award-winning singer will be making a stop in Saratoga this summer.

Norah Jones will be a part of SPAC’s very popular Freihofer’s Saratoga Jazz Festival. The entire festival runs from June 29-30 but Jones will be performing on June 30th. Tickets for the show will go on sale February 19th and prices will range from $65-105. So far, we don’t know the other performers that will be a part of the festival.

Jones is known for her sultry voice as well as beautifully-crafted piano ballads. She ended up winning five Grammy Awards from her first album “Come Away with Me” alone, now, she’ll be playing a mix of older songs as well as newer music in Saratoga this summer. I just hope she plays the song “Come Away with Me.” I always loved that song.

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