Did You See Albany in Scenes of “The Punisher?” [VIDEO]

Remember how crazy Albany got for a few days trying to figure out what was filming in Downtown Albany? The show premiered this month, can you spot familiar spots?

We heard that there was something filming in Albany but didn’t know what it was. After a bunch of investigation, finally, we knew it was Marvel’s “The Punisher” for Netflix for season two. Well, season two has just premiered on Netflix this month, did you watch? Did you see any spots that you recognized?

I saw people talk about it on Reddit and apparently the Capital Region makes quite a few appearances in the second season, especially in epsiode 12.

There’s something about seeing places you recognize in shows or movies that people all over the world can see. Now, the whole world will be able to see that awful eyesore of a building you can see from 787. Can we just pretend that scene wasn’t filmed here and that’s somewhere else?

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