Downtown Schenectady Restaurant Closing

It’s never great to see a restaurant announce a closing and we’re losing another one in Schenectady.

The Times Union is reporting that Schenectady French restaurant Chez Nous is closing. The Lower Union Street restaurant has been open since late 2015 but will be closing February 16th.

Chez Nous was one of those restaurants that I always heard great things about and wanted to go to but for whatever reason never made it. If you were like me, you have a few weeks to try what they offer before the close permanently. The reasoning was that the volume of customers just wasn’t high enough to cover the costs of the restaurant.

The restaurant wants to make sure if people have gift cards to use them before their closing date of February 16th and to book Valentine’s Day plans ASAP.

The owners commented, “Our goal was to make Schenectady more beautiful, and we accomplished that…but nothing lasts forever.”

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