New York’s Winter Roller Coaster [VIDEO]

Do you like roller coasters? Are you sad when theme parks close for the winter? Well, this New York coaster is open year-round and I need to go to there.

Greek Peak Mountain Resort in Cortland is my new favorite place that I didn’t know about. I saw it first on Only In Your State. I guess locals are aware of the roller coaster but many people don’t realize that it doesn’t shut down for the winter like other parks do.

On the first floor of the Adventure Center, you can jump on one or two person cars on the Nor’Easter Mountain Coaster. On the coaster, you ride through the woods on the 4300-feet of track while you control your own speed (though the coaster can reach a maximum speed of 28mph).

The only rules are that you must be at least 54 inches tall and 3-years-old to ride it by yourself or at least 38 inches tall to ride on it with someone 16 or older. Take a look at the video someone took of their experience:

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