Did You Hear? Dinosaur-Themed Attraction Coming to Lake George!

While we were all getting over the fact that Magic Forest in Lake George was closing and the attractions were being sold, they already had plans for what was going to take its place.

The Times Union is reporting that Magic Forest will soon be called Dino Roar Valley. The entire space will be called Lake George Expedition Park and was purchased by Ellsworth & Son Excavating. This addition will be part of their entire 46 acre property. The space will be a walk-through attraction that will feature animatronic dinosaurs.

Fans of Magic Forest won’t have to be too upset because they did mention that many of the rides and layout will stay the same. You just won’t see some of the famous statues that were recently auctioned off.

So far, we know that the park is planning to open Memorial Day weekend, to stay open through Labor Day, and then be open on weekends only through Columbus Day. Though Magic Forest was aimed at younger children, the current owner has assured people that there will be enough for the older age groups too. They announced ticket prices and more information will be released in the coming months.

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