NBC’s Today Show Visited Puzzles in Schenectady

I have been very open about how much I love Puzzles Bakery & Cafe in Schenectady and I’m so happy it’s getting attention tomorrow from a national news outlet – they deserve it!

The Daily Gazette is reporting that a production crew from NBC’s Today Show was in Schenectady today (Thursday) to film a segment. Puzzles founder and owner Sara Mae Pratt said that NBC reached out to her a couple of months ago to schedule filming and expects to see them use footage for a two minute segment in the next couple of months. She said that they love the mission of her bakery & cafe and it will be a feel-good piece on the business.

If you’re not familiar with Puzzles, it’s such an amazing concept with delicious food. Puzzle pieces are the symbol of Autism Awareness and Puzzles in Schenectady prides themselves on giving people with developmental disabilities to work there. Three-quarters of Pratt’s employees have developmental disbilities and an opportunity like this gives them the experience as well as bringing attention to the cause.

Pratt does warn about the segment though, that it may just be an online piece depending on traffic and once I find out about it, I’ll share it with you. I’m so happy to see such a great business in my hometown being shared with people all over the country!

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