New Local App to Change How You Eat

The team, based in Troy’s Innovation Garage, has put together an app that will change how you eat and make even make it easier!

Everyone’s been there. It’s time to eat and you can’t decide what you want, don’t even talk about adding another person in the mix and trying to figure it out. Or, maybe you just always go to the same exact places and you want something new but are afraid you may not like it. There’s a new app called “Taste” that may solve all of your eating problems.

Spectrum went into detail about how this new app works. At the base level, Taste recommends restaurants based on preferences and where you’ve dined in the past. There is a BETA app out now but the full launch is planned for December 1st. You can also add your friends and see where your “Taste Buds” have been eating and what they like. Is this a kind of app that you’d give a try?

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