New Baumgartner Restaurant Announced in Troy [PHOTO]

He owns Olde English Pub, Bombers Burrito Bar, and Wolff’s Biergarten just to name a few, and now he’s got his eyes on another restaurant in Troy.

The Times Union announced that Matt Baumgartner will be opening a new restaurant in a familiar location, upstairs from the already existing Wolff’s Biergarten in Troy. The new restaurant will be called The Berlin and so far described as a mix of The Pony Barn on June Farms, The Olde English Pub and Soho House in Manhattan. It’s in the old location of the Bombers franchise that folded, until becoming an event space.

So far, the only information on the bar we have are some preview images posted on Baumgartner’s Facebook page. As far as I can find, there is no official Facebook page set up and no website comes up in searches. All the post says is that we can expect it this holiday season.



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